Tuesday, April 5, 2011

4/5/11 monologue

Well, march madness ended in April ugliness as UConn Beats Butler 53-41 for their 3rd National Title. I’ve scored more points in two rounds of scrabble. Maybe college basketball needs a 50 point shot. Sheesh, if I wanted to watch defense all night I’d turn on the justice channel.

In more sporting news, Dennis Rodman headlined the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame's 2011 class announced on Monday. You remember Dennis Rodman…and Madonna…and Carmen Electra. I love it when cross dressers make the hall of fame. We need more diversity in the basketball hall of fame. They need a firearm wing of the basketball hall of fame. Gilbert Arenas could host shooting clinics. Allen Iverson could sell hemp necklaces at a kiosk outside. I kid, I kid hemp lovers. Don’t be mad Woody Harrelson.

You Harry Potter fans can sleep easy now because the magical world of Harry Potter is coming to life in a New York exhibition of original artifacts and imagery evoked in JK Rowling's seven-part series. How do you get original artifacts from a book of fiction? If this is true then I want some of the weed they smoked in Scooby Doo…and I want some Scooby snacks too.

And finally, The Bronx Zoo and the New York Daily News are asking the public to vote for the best name of the mischievous cobra. Quite frankly I think it is a little premature to call the snake mischievous. Lost maybe but not mischievous. When it rents a hooker and breaks up a New York hotel room then we can give it a nickname….like Charlie.

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