Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Intelligence Cubed

In the latest Intelligence Squared U.S. debate entitled 'The World Would Be Better Off Without Religion', Dinesh D'Souza said that religion gives hope for life after death – you can face death with anxiety or with hope and it is better to do so with hope.
If there is life after death you aren’t even facing death. Death exists or it doesn’t. Life after death is an oxymoron.
And so, a conversation betwix a couple of dudes.
Viva Tod: I am stoked for heaven, I can’t wait to die.
Will Mortis: Why wait?
Viva Tod: Well I can’t kill myself, I won’t get into heaven.
Will Mortis: Ironic isn’t it.
Viva Tod: It’s not ironic.
Will Mortis: Sure it is. Heaven is better than this life and the requirement to get there is death. Yet, creating your death to get there prohibits you from getting there.
Viva Tod: I have to die a natural death, I can’t commit suicide.
Will Mortis: Why is suicide unnatural?
Viva Tod: Because life is a precious gift?
Will Mortis: If life is so precious why do we die and go to a place more precious?
Viva Tod: We don’t actually die, we just change planes.
Will Mortis: So why can’t you commit suicide if you don’t actually die?
Viva Tod: Committing suicide is a sin and won’t let me change planes.
Will Mortis: Even if the goal in mind is to be with god in the best plane created?
Viva Tod: I guess so.
Will Mortis: Ironic. I’ll take death.

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