Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Captain and Officer - Reloaded

Captain: Damn I love bear claws! What’s happening with this kidnapping case?
Officer: The family received another ransom note but it was in code so we have our cryptanalysts working on it.
Captain: We have cryptanalysts?
Officer: Well, we just pooled the office to see who did Sudoku puzzles.
Captain: Great, a life hangs in the balance and we’re doing jumbles.
Officer: Word finds too.
Captain: Dammit! Did we dust the note for prints?
Officer: We did. But we used Pledge and ruined any chance of getting a print.
Captain: Dammit! Did you think it was a coffee table or a ransom note?! How’s the family holding up?
Officer: Not too good Captain. They are trying to distract themselves by doing Sudoku puzzles and they’ve rented out his room in case they figure out the ransom note and end up needing money.
Captain: More Sudoku puzzles…weird.
Officer: They’re doing word finds too.
Captain: I need another bear claw.

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