Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Julia Whatshername

So what’s new with you?
Not much.
You ever bang what’s her name?
Yes, yes I did. Julia Whatshername. My college sweetheart. Then she broke my heart.
No, cmon, you know, that one chick that had the one leg longer than the other and had to wear the giant heel on her shoe and at parties she would always ask people to taste her ear wax? Her, did you ever bang her?
Oh, you meant her. She had cancer, she struggled with basic physiologic functions, much of her life was a battle against biology, and you are asking me if I banged her?
Yes, yes I am. Did you get kinky and taste her ear wax?
Bitter it twas.
So what’s the plan for tonight? Do some horse then some e then hit the clubs then maybe grab a tube steak from the strip club you love so much then rally at the casinos for some blackjack hot enough to make George Gervin sweat in  a walk in freezer? Sound good.
I can’t make it tonight, I have a date with Brenda.
Do you mean Claire?
Brenda, Claire, pretty much synonyms. No I don’t mean Claire, I mean Brenda. Bravo Reno Energy Niner Dagger Allegra.
That is not how the police alphabet goes. Niner refers to nine you dolt. Well call her and tell her your scrotum is infected and go out with me.
Um, yeah, I’m going to go ahead and ask you to move your desk to the basement and clear up the rat problem and no, I’m not going to cancel with her.
Sure you are.
No I’m not.
Let’s just avoid all the gritty grimy repartee and let’s do some e and hit the clubs because in the end, what Heidegger called “at bottom,” an end to which we are both a party my friend, a party that is both at-hand and for-hand,-
Niner doesn’t stand for N?
No, it refers to nine.
Where’s the e?

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