Monday, December 10, 2012

Bar Scene

Bar Scene
Bartender: What can I get you?
Patron: I’ll have whatever you’re pouring?
Bartender: How about a little more direction.
Patron: Sounds good.
Bartender: No, can you be more specific?
Patron: Are you out of a little more direction?
Bartender: That’s not a drink at all; I need more specific information from you for your drink.
Patron: What kind of drink requires an ingredient from the customer? I’ve never even tasted specific information. Is it any good?
Bartender: Here, here is a whiskey, on the rocks.
Patron: Thanks. Too bad you got me going about that little more direction drink though. Maybe next time.
Bartender: (rolls eyes) you’re new, what brings you in?
Patron: I got lost.
Bartender: Where you headed?
Patron: Nowhere in particular, I was just out driving around.
Bartender: How are you lost if you aren’t looking for anything?
Patron: Cause I don’t know where I’m at. (Murmurs) Duh.
Bartender: (Frustrated) Where are you from?
Patron: Buffalo.
Bartender: What brings you to the city of angels?
Patron: I don’t live in Orlando, I live right here in Los Angeles.
Bartender: Los Angeles is Spanish for the angels.
Patron: I don’t speak Spanish and I’m not really religious. Is this some sort of cult bar?
Bartender: How about another drink?
Patron: Say, don’t the Angels play in Anaheim?  
Bartender: They are actually the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.
Patron: They must be good to be in two places at once; hard to defend that kind of talent.

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