Tuesday, October 16, 2012

We Divvied Up The Chores And Now We’re Divorced

A Norwegian study found that couples who split chores equally are more likely to divorce. I wrote a song about it. Wanna hear it? Hear it goes:
We Divvied Up The Chores And Now We’re Divorced

I washed and you dried                 you broiled, I fried
I swept, you mopped                     I diced, you chopped
We shared our love and we shared the chores
But I guess we needed, something more

The times’uh  changed so I learned to cook and clean
You changed the oil in our pick-up trucks with Valvoline
I hemmed your dress, my beautiful bride
Somehow you finished the basement in our double wide

We divvied up the chores and now we’re divorced
We yelled so much that now we’re hoarse
We split em fair and square but it tore us apart
I guess only one of us should have been the feminist from the start

I’d let you do all the dishes to have you back
I’d let you get me a beer and clean my gun rack
I’ll give you all the warsh and be the better man
But now you’re doing all the chores… with my former best man, Stan


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