Thursday, January 5, 2012

Impusle starring Willa Ford! The itunes review is in! Was it helpful? You bet!

Let us reflect on this amazingly insightful review of the movie Impulse starring the method actor Willa Ford. You may also recognize her from her playboy spread but don’t let that fool you, she has acting chops. Those chops may fit nicely into butless chaps but that is beside the point…on to the review of the review.
1.       5 stars. Move over Roger Ebert, there’s a new sherrif in town.
2.       Oversex in a lifetime script? Since when does Sally Field or Valerie Bertanelli act in a movie with sex? I think this reviewer meant overacting.
3.       “The acting is great all around and the script is well written.” That explains the Oscar and Golden Globe nominations and the straight to video release.
4.       “I think those who watched this movie payed more attention to former reviews/what it was rated than actually watching the film.” I think the review is right on this one; people payed too much attention to the reviews when they could have payed attention to spellcheck.
5.       The nudity is purely for the role. I think the dripping of the chocolate, the slow motion shower, and the in-front-of-the-mirror mammogram were also, purely for the role. Purely.
6.       The nudity never gets too graphic. Of course not, not with the chocolate and water droplets covering up the wobbly parts. If nudity isn’t graphic it’s because clothes are involved.
7.       “Willa is only seen topless.” Looks like someone is bitter over that $21.00 dvd.
8.       And my personal favorite: The rape scence is done very classy. I agree, most rape scences are not very classy and if this movie has anything going for it, it is class. More rape scences need to be classier. Like a good boxed wine with chicken fingers and pot stickers.
9.       Plus, the rape scence only inferences you to what happens. I scence someone may have been violated; mostly just everyone with a scence of artistic decency.
10.   “I love how it mixes psychology/science with sex.” I thought this thing wasn’t oversexed? Yeah, the allusions to BF Skinner and Isaac Asimov during the sex scences were awesome. And the Thomas Edison inspired vibrator scence was very very meaningful. Tastefully done.
11.   Give this movie a chance people, you may be surprised. The only thing surprising is the chance that I won’t die of an aesthetic hemorrhage if I ever see this thing. Hell, I’ll have a b-movie embolism if I see just one scence.

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