Monday, May 14, 2012

HBO's 'Weight of the Nation' airs Tonight!

HBO’s documentary on the obesity epidemic ‘Weight of the Nation’ premieres tonight. How will Americans watch the show?
·              From the kitchen, waiting for the nachos to come out of the microwave
·              On the couch, after a hard day in the office chair
·              While conducting a prune juice, salt water, herbal tea, lemonade, nougat, Chlorox colon cleanse and flush

·              Utilizing the split screen option, to catch up on The Biggest Loser

·              Periodically glancing over the top of “Fifty Shades of Grey and flippin’ the bean. Flippin’
             the bean for just 10 minutes twice a Monday burns 200 calories
·              With wife, who by the way looks great
·              While researching lap band surgery options on craig’s list
·              Just after feeding the kids a nutrition-rich meal of low fat hot pockets, no-fry bacon stuffed cheddar poppers, syrup/brown sugar glazed broccoli florets with buttered sour cream dipping sauce and appled caramel bowls for dessert
·              Won’t, will watch How I Met Your Mother’ reruns, can’t afford HBO due to Curves payments
·              Periocially checking for Papa John’s driver
·              Will tivo it and watch new year’s day for resolution motivation

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