Thursday, December 15, 2011

1 in 2 Americans Are Poor

1 in 2 americans are poor. Hmm. “Strongest economy in the world” they say. How can this be? Does greed exist? Is there income inequality?
Don’t complain. You may protest but don’t complain. Actually, you may not protest. Apparently, that is illegal now. So I guess you might call your congressperson…if you can afford a cell phone.
I’m glad I never cared about money or material wealth. I always desired time and instead of owning things, I’ve always wanted to do things. (Most perfectly legal I might add)
Consider that a man who hits a ball with a bat for a living just signed a deal to make $250 million for a mere 10 years. And make no mistake, that is because there is a demand for that kinda moolah. Here’s the rub: you pay it. Because you watch, because you go to the game, because you buy the jersey, because you watch espn and the truck commercials and then buy the trucks and on and on it goes.
Am I blaming you for 1 in 2 ‘mericans bein’ po? No I’m not. But I am telling you that 1 in 2 americans being poor is a reflection of our values. You heard me just fine punchy (Pulp Fiction quotation).
Prefer watching Two and Half Men to fractions homework…fine with me. Don’t complain. Prefer your gas guzzling truck you use to haul plastic bags full of shit you don’t need from wallmart to asceticism? Groovy. Far out. Don’t complain. You want your lap band surgery covered by health insurance to walking? Kudos, have at it. Don’t complain.
Don’t complain when your lack of vision, when your unwillingness to consider the dominoes that tumble behind your choices come back to make YOU 1 of the 1 in 2. But I forgot, you don’t do fractions. Let me put it this way, you can’t watch chuck sheen anymore because you can’t pay your cable bill because you need gas for your 13 mile per gallon ford f 150 and your lap band broke.
Yes, you could be 1 of the 1 in 2. You are not a temporarily embarrassed millionaire. If you did do fractions or statistics you would understand that you aren’t going to win the lottery. You have a better chance of getting eaten by a rabid chinchilla while hunting rhino in Botswana with Ricardo Montalban and the cast of Glee.  Yes, you…you could be one of them.
And I guess that ain’t so bad. Could be worse, you could have fractions homework.

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